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I'm quite new at this, but i noticed that people call a civic a "EK-9" Or a 94 RX-7 a "FD."

i think it has something to do with the engine. but i don't understand how it all works and how it is determined. Like B16a is a vtec dohc? Can some please explain, Or perhaps provide a list of car names with the common terminology.


B16A is an engine
EK9 and FD are chassis

the engine is jus a code that the manufacturer gives it.. u will jus learn to pick up on tehm as u go.. b16's are mainly hondas n acuras.. ls1 is camaro..2jz is supra n so on.. there isnt any rhyme or reason to the letters thta i kno of

SR20DET, very good Nissan Motor; 2.0l i-4. RB26METT skyline I-6; 2.6l twin turbo (tt). H22a, Prelude motor; 2.2l V-tec heads. Lt1, lesser HP comaro engine (came in all V8 comaros except the Z28 which is the LS1); 302ci i beleive. 13BTT, RX-7 TT rotary motor; 1.3l sequincual (a type of dual turbo set up) turbo wankle motor. as you can see common nomiclature that involves TT often means twin turbo OEM and the numbers are usually displacement in litres. B16a, B16b, and B16d are all OEM motors. the B(insert 16, 18, or 20 here) C is a JDM (blah) B-series motor, B refers to the Block style. other common honda engines are the H-series (h22 and h24), A, C, D (very common in civics), and F (in the larger engined civics).

Its RB26DETT, which is the skyline GT-R engine for R32-R34..

For honda,
B series means DOHC engines..
D series are SOHC..
What civics come with an F series motor is my question..
The new SI+ civics use K series..

For full list of honda engines,


no civics ever came with F motor. B16D doesnt exist. B*C only applies to B18, i dont think there was any B16C or B20C(even though there was a company that did B20/Vtec and sold it as B20C, Honda never made one). B16B is JDM, B20Z is JDM. btw there also wasnt a h24, but there is a h23*

the Honda F-series motors are the SOHC 4 cylinders in accords and '92-'96 Prelude S.

so what are Toyota engines like?

7MGTE - Mk 3 supra turbo
7MGE - MK3 Supra NA
3SGTE - Turbo 2.0 that was in a ton of cars such as the MR2 turbo
2JZGTE - Mk 4 Supra Twin Turbo
5EFTE - JDM Toyota starlet turbo engine
4AGE - AE86 engine

for starters

where can i find this type of information on my own?


S2k's also came with F-series

yea; also the s2k's have c at the end; f20c, f22c


The "B" refers to a certian block design, there are a varety of differnt engines built on that block design useing everything from a Single Cam twin Carb head (B20a in an 89 Prelude) to the DOHC VTEC engine in the Type R integra. The same block is also made in a varity of strokes and bore, from 1600cc B16, 1800cc B18 to 2000cc B20.

From about 1988 to 2000 it was Hondas primary performance engine block and was used in the Prelude and performance versions of the Civic and Integra. It was also used in the CRV because of its excellent low end torque in 2000cc form.

Like wise the "D" refers to a spefic engine block design, in this case Honda's most proflic engine block. It started life in the mid 80s in DOHC form in the 84 Civic Si (not sold in the US). It was also used in the Integra from the same generation. In the next generation Civic and Integra, from 88 onwards, it was used in 1300cc, 1500cc and 1600cc SOHC and DOHC forms with carbs or single and multipoint injection. It remained in use in the Civic and Japanese spec Integra untill 2000.
Its a highly underated engine, but one of the most reliable mass produced engines in History. Its success is only over shadowed by the performance of its B series brother.

Car Manufactors have so many differnt models, engines and basic chassis that to make it easier to manufactor, ship, and source parts for they give them all unique codes.
This is very important when the same base vehcile is sold in differnt markets under differnt names with differnt trim levels.
Its a standard manufactoring procedure, and any large manufactoring company will have some form of number and letter combination branding for everything it produces.
Most computer printers for example are indetified by a thier model number, this is just the same as a chassis code on a car.

These letters and numbers usualy mean something.
And make it easy to indetifiy what is being refered to.
For example in 1973 Honda produced the very first Civic and used a Chassis and enigne code that began with an E.
Since then every single Honda Civic model has a chassis code that starts with an E, and in 1988 the EF series of Civics started useing a number and letter after the E to help further identifiy where the vechile was made, sold, and what spefic model it was.
For example an EF9 refers to the Japanese Domestic Market Civic SiR, while and EE9 is basicly the same car, but assembled in the UK for the European Market.
The first E tells you its a Civic, the second E or F tells you if its a Japanese or European assembled car, and the number tells you what model it is.

The same standard is used in a similar way by most manufactors.
And the same style is often applied to engines.
For example Nissan and Honda both use a letter at the start of an engine code to indentify the block used, then a number to indetifiy its capactiy, then another letter or number to indetify what sort of cylinder head is used spefic tuning levels.
Honda keep it simple, often to simple and you sometimes have to refer to an engines serial number to tell exactly what it is, Nissan however are very specific.
They use letter codes after the number to tell if the engine is DOHC or SOHC, and its its Naturaly asperaited or Turbo charged.
Toyota use a similar system.

ask people with expericence with your car. you really do learn them by expericance. the style of label is different for every manufactior.

for example: Saturn

1.9L SOHC TBI 91-94 - vin 9 - LKO - or just SOHC
1.9L SOHC MPFI 95-02 - vin 8 - L24 - or just SOHC
1.9L DOHC MPFI 91-02 - vin 7 - LLO - or just DOHC

economy manual - MP2
performance manual - MP3
economy auto - MP6
performance auto - MP7

and i think i am the only person in the world who refurres to the S-series Saturn as the Z-body, but it really is.
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